Welcome, I am Fiona! I am a qualified piano teacher/music teacher and a registered music therapist. Throughout my university life, I have obtained AmusA (perf), Bachelor of Music Education from Sydney Conservatorium, and also Master of Creative Music Therapy from UWS.

Piano teaching has certainly been an enjoyment career for me, seeing children and adults progress in a private setting is a very rewarding accomplishment. However, learning the piano is a long process, Miss Fiona will make sure every lesson have this aspect of definite goal and also fun activities to further assist the student’s progress.

Moreover, Music Therapy shares a similar feeling. I studied music therapy so that I can deliver my services to children and adults with special needs, I believe music is another language to help the clients for communication. And also because of my music education background, my music therapy services is coincide with music learning as well. My past experience in the music therapy field includes nursery homes, adult with disabilities, Adult and children with Autism, mental facilities.

No matter is it piano lessons or music therapy services you are interested in, I am looking forward meeting you.

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